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Doctor Examining CT Scan


We give your people the care they deserve. Advanced Echelon LLC is the only company that has a system of taking care of your organization’s AHI survivors and their families.

Our case managers will be there at every step to ensure those affected by AHIs get the timely help they deserve and need. We provide bespoke medical baseline and survivor support services to suit your needs.

We leverage our in-house and contract operational psychology team to provide behavioral health care for AHI survivors and operational consultation.

Advanced Echelon is the one and only company which specializes in modern day open-source intelligence (OSINT), offensively leveraging every vector of Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS) and other methods, to generate leads and attribute AHIs to state actors.

Contract Vehicles


Unique Entity ID (UEI): W7D1H4WMXCQ7

621999, 621111, 621112, 525120, 621420, 456199, 621330, 561320, 621399, 611430,

611710 , 611699, 611519, 561990, 561210,

541990, 541720, 541715, 621991, 541690,

541612, 541611, 541614, 541618, 541511,

541512, 621340, 541611, 561110, 621511

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