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UTS Exploitation

Advanced Echelon is the one and only company which specializes in modern day open-source intelligence (OSINT), offensively leveraging every vector of Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS) and other methods, to generate leads and attribute AHIs to state actors.

According to Open-Source reporting, a monumental amount of work has already been done on the topic of AHI attribution, and progress has been made. However, the United States needs a “smoking gun” to take action and Advanced Echelon has the tools and methodology to achieve that goal.


Too many Open-Source firms hyperfocus on telemetry data, which can be purchased online, and paints an incomplete picture. Advanced Echelon utilizes all aspects of UTS and other methods to generate leads offensively. We do not employ antiquated strategies but we lean forward in managing UTS vectors and offensively identifying areas of risk mitigation. 


We don’t believe the saying “absence of evidence, is evidence of absence.” Take the next step with us and contact our team for more information.


The Problem

  • Over-reliance on telemetry data

  • Antiquated methodology.

  • Organizational resistance in some cases.

Our Solutions

We will leverage all aspects of UTS and other methods to generate leads so your organization can prove attribution. 


Our SIGDEV analysts have TS/SCI clearances.

Contract Vehicles


621999, 621111, 621112, 525120, 621420, 456199, 621330, 561320, 621399, 611430,

611710 , 611699, 611519, 561990, 561210,

541990, 541720, 541715, 621991, 541690,

541612, 541611, 541614, 541618, 541511,

541512, 621340, 541611, 561110, 621511

Unique Entity ID (UEI): W7D1H4WMXCQ7

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